Discipline is something that adults do with, and for children; rather than to stop them from behaving in undesirable ways. Its intention is to help children become self-disciplined as they learn appropriate and acceptable behavior patterns. Discipline involves a continuous process of guiding behavior and is offered while appropriate behavior is occurring, as well as before, during, and after inappropriate behavior is displayed.

Prevention strategies

  • Established clear, consistent, and simple limits.
  • Reinforcing appropriate behavior
  • Offer straightforward explanations for limits.
  • Ignore minor incidents.
  • State limits in a positive way, rather than a negative way.
  • Provide choices.
  • Focused on the behavior rather than on the child.


Intervention Strategies

  • Problem-solving.
  • Reminder of rules
  • Acknowledging choices
  • Use natural and logical consequences
  • Redirecting
  • Using proximity and touch.


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